Building and Developing Since 1985.

What we do

Quality Over Quantity

Located in Kamloops, BC, we have been building and developing facilities and neighbourhoods in and around our beautiful city since 1985.

We are able to work on projects from the very beginning — starting with listening to your idea and planning how it can come to fruition — all the way through development and construction, to post-construction services.

Our crews are skilled, careful, and pleasant to work with. They can be relied on to produce high-quality work for our clients every single time.

Our small company is able to give each client our full personal attention. Working with us, you’ll always feel heard and understood.


We’ll listen to your ideas and goals and determine the feasibility given your budget and time constraints. We’ll figure out the schedule, the permits and the logistics necessary to make your project happen. Professionals we’ve worked with in the past, such as architects, have praised us about how meticulous and organized we are in our planning.

General Contracting

We assemble and manage skilled teams of subcontractors who produce quality work in every area of construction and development — from laying foundations to framing to installing the lights, and everything in between. We typically have some apprentices on our teams, working under the mentorship of experienced tradespeople.

Project Management

Our team’s diverse skillset means we can manage design-build projects or renovations from conception through to full occupancy. We also manage the construction phase of projects under the overall management of someone else. Good communication is essential. We are open and prompt in all our project communications.

Project Management

Post-construction services

We’re also proud to provide excellent post-construction services. Deficiencies are addressed swiftly and we stand behind our work, going above and beyond standard warranties.